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Follow our 7 Steps and Create the Life You Want!

We help women around the world successfully reinvent themselves in order to intentionally create their best life.  Using our 7 proven steps, you will find more passion, purpose and peace.
Our new interactive guidebook, along with our online course and virtual workshops, will get you started on the journey!
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Join Jennie & Jan for a live virtual workshop - paperback copy of the Guidebook book is included!

Live Virtual Workshop

Want to go through the Steps to Reinvention at your own pace? Digital Book Included!

Self-Paced Online Course

Discover the 7 Steps in the new Interactive Guidebook available on Amazon now!

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Jennie Ritchie & Jan Fraser

Jennie and Jan are Daughter & Mother, both passionate about helping women and making a positive impact in the world. This project has been a passion of theirs for over four years. 

Jennie is a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles and a Mindset, Action and Accountability coach for women. After teaching middle and high school for 25 years, she authored the Amazon best-selling book: "Keeping itTogether When Life Throws You Curves”and realized coaching and writing were her passions.
Jennie is an expert in translating personal development principles into real-world language for audiences worldwide. She is passionate about helping women achieve their business and personal goals by recognizing their own potential and overcoming obstacles. No matter where you are, or where you’ve been, Jennie can help you believe in yourself and remember that anything is possible. Jennie is the mother of three, grandmother of two and resides in Southern California with her husband, Wally.

Jan is a ‘self-starter’, bringing real world customer service experience to her keynotes, training and coaching. She has traveled the world to deliver training in the US and several countries. An airline industry superstar, she rose from the ramp support team to the ticket counter to flight attendant to instructor, training thousands of flight attendants. She is the author of nine books and coaches writers through virtual and onsite retreats. She co-created Success University for Women and is the creator of the Jan Fraser Inspired Life Series - all best sellers. She has a CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) designation from the National Speakers Association and lives with her husband in Lake Las Vegas and Bermuda, balancing her life between two shores.

Join the Reinvention Community!

Meet Others on their Reinvention Journey

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Reinventing Yourself?


Does This Sound Like You?

Have you felt a nudge, or even a wake up call?  Something whispering to you (or yelling at you) that you need a change? That's the Oomph...and it's the first step on your Journey to Reinvention.  Some Oomphs we choose, and others are chosen for us.  

  • Do you feel stuck in the day-to-day routine of life? 
  • Does it seem like you could create your ideal life if you only had the resources and the community to help you? 
  • Are you frustrated because it seems like there is no way to make a change?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you know you're meant for something more, but don't know where or how to create it? 

If this sounds like you, Reinvention may be the ticket to creating your best life! If you want to meet Jennie and Jan on a free webinar where you can learn more about them and the Reinvention process, click here! 


Proven Outcomes

The book is a real honest look at navigating new chapters in your life. I used to view reinvention in a negative view. I used to think of reinvention as completely changing your look and what you do. However, while reading this book I realized that I have gone through many reinventions in my life, wife, mother, community member etc. This guidebook and program gave me the tools to be aware of my next steps and how I will navigate through my next reinvention..."

Victoria C., WA

"I am someone who has reinvented themselves numerous times. I wish I’d had the Reinvention Guidebook earlier in my many reinvention journeys.  It is a hands-on step by step program that encourages you to find your purpose, to have faith in yourself, to stay focused and keep moving forward. It will teach you some amazing tools that will help guide you in your journey of reinvention, such as how to change and replace the beliefs that limit you from achieving your goals. This guidebook will help you realize this is an exciting time in your life, full of hope and promises of a new beginning."

Paddy B., Vancouver Island, Canada

"This guidebook has been an asset to my life and I know it will be the same for you. is constantly changing and evolving. Because of that fact you can reinvent yourself no matter what life trials and challenges you are having or your age.
Life is full of oomphs! 
...helps you analyze the past, accept it, and give yourself permission to move forward from it.
Through my teaching career I met Jennie and later Jan. This became my starting point of forming a firm foundation and a safe place to begin my reinvention.

Rosemarie S., UT


Reinvention Resources

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Meet Jennie and Jan personally! 

Live Virtual Workshop with Jennie and Jan + a signed copy of the Guidebook!

Attend a 2.5 hour workshop with Jennie and Jan on a weeknight or weekend morning that fits your schedule.  Attending live means you'll get to ask questions and get the key information you need (In an abbreviated time frame) to get your Reinvention started right. (Does this repeat bullets below - may need to rework one or the other).  If something comes up, can they get the recording? 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Spend an evening or a weekend morning with Jennie and Jan, so you can get the full reinvention scoop LIVE! 
  • Ask questions and get the live support you need so you can start or continue your Reinvention Journey with confidence!
  • ​You will be sent a signed copy of the guidebook, so you follow along with Jennie and Jan as they walk you through the Reinvention steps! 
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Complete your Reinvention at your own pace!

Self-Paced Online Course + digital copy of the Guidebook

10 recorded video lessons from Jennie and Jan, including the guidebook in digital format - making it convenient to reinvent and follow along with Jennie and Jan through the lessons.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​Work through the 7 Steps on your own schedule, so you can learn at the pace that works for you. 
  • ​Having the recorded videos means you can re-watch the sections where you need additional coaching, so you can make the progress you're looking for. 
  • ​A digital copy of the accompany guidebook chapter comes with every lessonso you'll have the entire guidebook to follow along with Jennie and Jan! 
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We want to send you Step One!

Click The Button below to get your complimentary copy of Step One: The Oomph!